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Here are some customer testimonials for Classic Chevrolet Buick GMC! 
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So why would someone want buy a bright red cherry pickup with white leather interior and more bells and whistles than my friend's imported sports car from eBay (especially to lay fence and work on the ranch in Texas) ?   That was my question - so I had to find out for myself.


Well, after talking to Troy for a couple of minutes, or at least what I thought to be a few minutes, I realized this guy was genuine and authentic.  Now ask yourself, when was the last time you could honestly say you knew a car or truck salesman to be authentic and genuine !  (yup, that's a rhetorical question for sure)


Troy and I spent some time going back and forth with what my needs were and what he had in inventory to match those needs.  By the time I did my research and came to a logical decision, there was no doubt in my mind that I was flying to Texas to take possession of a new pickup truck; then driving it back home to Boston. (that's Boston, not Austin !)  Of course, my wife needed a little encouraging to go yet.


You see, after trying to make sense of the "deals" we had locally in the greater Boston area for a 2009 Chevy 1500 LS - I found out that not only was I getting a 1500 LT for $3,000 less in Texas (than what I would have paid for the LS) - but I was getting along a whole lot better vehicle without the usual car salesman BS and high pressure sales tactics.


So, buy the time I spent the money on a one way plane ticket, one night in a comfortable hotel, gas for the ride home, and a whole bunch of good eat'n BBQ along the way.........  I still ended up saving $2,500 - and got a better truck with more gizmos than I ever thought a pickup could pack.


Troy had a man waiting to pick me up from the airport for the 70 minute ride back to the dealership; just like he promised.  When I arrived, I knew in a moment just how true my original assessment of Troy's genuine down-to-earth persona and professionalism was - he was all that and more.


We went over all the ins and outs of the vehicle, the safety checks, a very thorough "pre-flight" checklist.  He knows his stuff !  Then we went out to lunch - the first of many memorable delicious BBQ stops on my way home.  I appropriately nicknamed this trip the Texas BBQ Tour.  To this day, I still keep in touch with Troy via the wonders of today's technologies - he's one heck of a salesman !  Oh hell - he didn't sell me a truck, he just developed a great relationship - thank you Troy.  


People ask me all the time about my Red, White, and Blue Chevy "bow tie" sticker - I'm glad to share my great experience and story.  And, I can't wait to fly back to visit when I need our next vehicle.


Now you know the Story (and the man) Behind a Great Story !



The best car buying experience I have ever had.From my salesman Derek Johnson to the business office everyone made me feel like a VIP. Derek even followed me to my house in Grandview Tx. to get my husband to sign papers because he had been injured at work and was having a hard time getting around.WOW! need I say more. I will be back to do business again.

Thank You so much,
Leona & Terry Hendrix

April 27, 2005

Dear Chris Hughes,

Just wanted to say thanks for all your patience with us. We are very picky buyers and you stuck by us through the end. You seem to know exactly the right things to do when it comes to selling vehicles. We will always return to you when we change our minds again. After all, that's what a true salesman is. (Patient and honest) Someone like you....

Thanks again,

The Aviles family

April 27, 2005

Eddie (Carroll),

By now you should have received the blind copies of the emails I sent to your competitors. I want you to know that my comments about you are sincere. I am not blowing smoke.

From the moment we met today, the whole experience was the most pleasant buying experience for me. It was as if you were welcoming me into your home. You gave me the freedom to look at the trucks without being smothered. With some sales people I have felt like they were just a circling vulture that had to constantly distract me with questions and chatter.

You offered important information about the truck and good advice when I asked for it. You were confident and spoke with authority but you were not arrogant or pompous. You were honest, open, and sincere with a sincere servant attitude.

Some of my past experiences with "car salesmen" have been so bad. Once I had to threaten the salesman with bodily injury to get my keys back so I could leave that den of thieves.

Chad was also very helpful and informative. Thank you both so very much for making my visit to Durant Chevrolet a surprisingly pleasant experience.


Mack Avery

Benbrook, TX

August 5, 2004

Mr. Eddie Carroll,

I want to thank you for making our recent car purchase a pleasant experience.  The whole car buying process STRESSES me out; however, you made the transaction simple and straightforward.  You gave us a fair trade-in value and a no haggle price on our new vehicle.  You were very patient with us while we made our decision and we really appreciate your honesty and professionalism.  I will definitely recommend you and Durant Chevrolet to my family and friends.

If I can ever be of assistance, please give me a call.


Ronnie Singleton, MAI

August 5, 2003

Dear Mr. Dreyer,

On July 31st we began shopping for a used car and our first stop was Durant Chevrolet. We have purchased several new and used vehicles from Durant in the past and were very pleased with the products and service. We were greeted by John Andrews who quickly determined what type of vehicle we would probably be interested in. He guided us to several choices and was very honest and open about the pros and cons of each vehicle. We test drove two Trail Blazers and chose one that we liked best. We fully intended to go to several other dealerships before making a choice but John convinced us to stay with Durant.

We appreciate John and every one at Durant Chevrolet who helped us through the stressful process of buying a car. We are enjoying our new Trail Blazer and have a lot of confidence in it and the service we will receive in the future.

Stephen Dewey

June 25, 2003

Hi Mr. Bergen,

This past weekend I purchased my first vehicle from Durant Chevrolet. I wanted to take the time to communicate to you my extreme pleasure with the purchasing experience at Durant. I have already related the experience with several of my business associates, and am pleased to call Durant Chevrolet my dealer of choice.

It is interesting to note that my initial experience began with a difficulty or challenge that was quickly overcome by Eddie Carroll. I had been a high bidder on eBay for a vehicle where the reserve was not met. I came to visit with Eddie to discuss the purchase of that vehicle. As I entered the dealership, I saw the van that I was coming to purchase leaving the lot. Little did I know that Mr. Carroll would turn this disappointment into a great purchase decision and experience!

Mr. Carroll took the time to discuss with me my family situation and why I was purchasing a mini-van. I explained to him that a mini-van was my 4th choice, but due to budget I felt that it was my only viable choice. Mr. Carroll did an excellent job helping me to consider purchasing a higher mileage vehicle that was my first choice (GMC Suburban). I felt that Mr. Carroll presented me a viable option that I had not considered before along with logical arguments as to why I should consider that option. Mr. Carroll's excellent knowledge of inventory helped him to quickly identify for me a newly acquired vehicle. This vehicle, he then priced affordably providing me what I really wanted. My dream vehicle that fit with in my budget!

Soon after working with Mr. Carroll I was introduced to Mr. Dan Hall for analysis of the financial obligations. I have done business with many finance officers and found Mr. Hall to be an absolute pleasurable person. I was immediately captured by this good sense of humor and wit. The humorous banter back and forth between myself, my wife, Mr. Hall and Mr. Carroll was just plain fun! I've never in my life had as much fun letting loose of my hard earned money!

My experience with Durant Chevrolet can be summed up in one simple sentence. i purchased a Great vehicle for a Wonderful price and got to meet some Exceptional people who gave me Excellent service. Thank you for having wonderful men like Mr. Carroll and Mr. Hall on your staff.

Brad Nickle

April 4, 2003

Hi Eddie,

I got home Friday night at 9:30 pm after driving 24 hrs. over the two days, and drove 1678 miles. The car drive very well, without any problems. I tried to review the sale on e-bay, but it won't allow it, without a completed auction. If you can figure it out, let me know, I love to leave an outstanding review for all that you did. Please take a break and come see the leaves change in the North East. We all get old too fast. If I can help in any way, please let me know.

Thanks Again,
Ray Bedell

March 16, 2002

Just a note to say "Thanks" for your help with the purchase of my new Tahoe. Your kindness and assistance meant so much. I hope to purchase many more vehicles from you and will send my friends to you!

Theresa Young
Midland, Texas

August 2002
Mr. Gayle Moore
Service Consultant
Durant Chevrolet

In June of this year, I purchased a 4-door Chevrolet Tracker from your firm. On Friday, July 28th, I brought the vehicle in to have it serviced. I would like to extend my thanks to you and your staff for the outstanding service I received. I was waited on very quickly and my car was serviced in a short time. When my car was returned to me, not only had your technician serviced my vehicle, but he had also vacuumed out the inside and cleaned my windows. He also told me that if I had any problems to give y'all a call ? as you did. And, as it was my first service call, it was free. Now, that's what I call SERVICE!

I purchased my car from John Mow who was extremely helpful then and still is. I have also received cards, letters and even a tin of cookies from Durant's. Please know that "little things" do not go unnoticed and are not appreciated.

I will tell you that, in 1999, I purchased a vehicle from a firm in the metroplex . Not one time did I hear from that firm unless I contacted them and then they seemed reluctant to help me.

Please extend my thanks to all of the staff at Durant's for all of your friendly service. You may be assured that I will recommend your firm on any occasion that presents itself ? as I have done already.

Doris Fawthner

September 15, 2002
Thank you for the delicious cookies.
It is so thoughtful of you to remember us.
We really like our new truck, and we were really pleased with your salesman Ronny Barnett. He was very patient, courteous, and kind to us.


Leo and Kathleen Evans

November 14, 2000

This past August I purchased a 2000 Jeep Cherokee from your dealership. I just wanted to thank you again and let you know how much I appreciated your help that day. You went out of your way to help a first time buyer like myself, find the car I was looking for. Since then, I have enjoyed every ride in that jeep and also enjoyed the many compliments.

Once again, thank you for all your help and I apologize for the tardiness.


A very satisfied customer,
Courtney Zenk

May 15, 2001
Mr. Eddie Carroll

You once told my Dad, Don Owen, that the Owen family has been very good to you. Well, here's proof of how good! My brother, Steve Owen has the S-10, my truck is the middle one and my Dad's is the extended cab. We all love our trucks! Thanks for making it possible.


Shelly Owen